Company Strengths

 Deep background

The Company is strongly backed by Hubei Daily Media Group, the most influential media platform in Hubei Province. Originated from Hubei Daily Newspaper which was founded in July 1949, it was then renamed as Hubei Daily Media Group in April 2007. It has cultivated a number of famous cultural brands, such as Chutian Metropolis Daily, Chutian Golden Daily and Special Attention. It is the first cultural media group with the circulation of periodicals of over one million in the country.


 Strong platform

The Company also gets the strong support from Hubei New Nature Investment Co., Ltd. (“New Nature”), the most capable capital operation platform in Hubei province. Founded in 2001, New Nature is a specialized investment management Company engaged in asset management, equity investment and financial advisory businesses. It focuses on the medium and long-term equity investment of the well-established Chinese enterprises, and is committed to providing top investment management services to the HNWIs, well-known enterprises and international investment institutions.


 Top management team

The Company's management team has professional credit business experience, mainly from the banking, guarantee and other financial institutions. 75% of the employees have more than five years of financial industry experience, over 75% of the employees have gained the master's degree, and key credit staff have the banking qualification. Upholding the spirit of “profession and integrity, loyalty and unity, innovation, sound operation”, our employees are committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient and professional financial services.


 High efficiency

The Company implements the standardized credit approval process, supported by the fully experienced investigating and accessing staff. Based on the line of credit for classification and authorization, the approval and issuance of various types of loans can be completed in a relatively short time, meeting the needs of our customers in a timely manner.


 Flexible mechanism

The Company can accept various means of mortgages: real estate mortgage, chattel mortgage, warehouse receipt pledge, accounts receivable pledge, bank acceptance pledge, joint guarantee and mutual guarantee, credit collateral and etc.


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