Hubei Chutian Microfinance Co., Ltd., jointly established by Hubei Daily Media Group and Hubei New Nature Investment Co., Ltd. on March 1, 2013 with the approval from Financial Affairs Office of the Hubei Provincial People’s Government, is a joint-stock financial institution specializing in microfinance business, with the registered capital of RMB450 million.

      The Company was awarded as the Vice President Unit of China Micro-credit Companies Association of China Banking Regulatory Commission, National Excellent Micro-credit Company, one of the “Top 100 Most Competitive Micro-credit Companies in China” by China Microfinance Institution Association for three consecutive years, Director Unit of China Microfinance Institution Association, Hubei Micro-credit Company Association and Wuhan Micro-credit Company Association.

    With strong financial strength and specialized credit business experience, the Company is dedicated to providing the fast, efficient and professional financial services for private owners and small and medium-sized enterprises. The Company is currently the top micro-credit player with the largest capital base and the most comprehensive strength in Hubei Province.


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